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I am 54 year old businessman had fracture shoulder after accident. I had shown to doctor who had diagnosed “fracture dislocation proximal humerus” and told me that even after surgery my shoulder would be stiff and sometimes remain painful. I was really depressed to hear about my condition following surgery. After examining me and looking at my X rays and CT Scan Dr Gupta said that he would fix this fracture and try his best but NO guarantee that I would have full movements. After the surgery he took personal interest in my physiotherapy there were times I was very unhappy about these exercises but seeing his enthusiasm motivated me to continue with the exercises. After 6 months I had no pain and almost full movements. I thank Dr Vikas Gupta for everything he did for me and wish him success in his future endeavors.

Rameshchand Singhal


I came to Dr Vikas Gupta with a loss of sensation and numbness in my right hand ( in month of April 2006). He advised me to undergo an endoscopic operation of the carpal tunnel syndrome. I underwent surgery at AIIMS on 2nd may 2006 by Dr Vikas Gupta.
I was feeling perfectly alright within a few days of the surgery. In around 4 weeks time I was able to perform my normal activities (in merchant Navy).
I am really thankful to him

Harpreet Singh


It took a very long time for me to get around to writing this but I as they say better late than never:
``I had fractured my scaphoid bone in England and I had been consulting Doctors in England for 4 months during which time my hand was in a cast. I came to consult Dr. Vikas Gupta at AIIMS after a few other Doctors in Delhi had diagnosed that the fracture hadn't healed and part of the bone had started to die. Dr. Vikas suggested a vascular bone graft surgery, which I had read previously would provide the best chances for a successful union of the fracture and a full recovery. Dr. Gupta took personal interest in the post surgery followups and physiotherapy and I was able to fully use my wrist within a month of cast being removed from my hand. I am really glad to have consulted and met Dr. Gupta. The care and attention he gave to me and my case in the very busy environment of AIIMS was exemplary. I wish him all the success in his future endeavours and hope he can help many more with the personal care and attention he gives to all his patients.
I was feeling perfectly alright within a few days of the surgery. In around 4 weeks time I was able to perform my normal activities (in merchant Navy).
I am really thankful to him



I am very grateful to Dr Gupta who was the first to be able to diagnose my problem, and relieve me from the agony I was in.
Two months after the surgery, I am almost normal and after months, I am back to work. Looking back, these 15 months have been the most difficult. It was for the first time I was so dependent on my family for everything. As I continue taking two tablets daily, as part of my TB treatment, I already feel fitter and better.

RS Sirohi

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Fortunate to find Dr. Vikas Gupta at the right time.
A very qualified and learned doctor and I felt in safe hands after I met him. Scaphoid of my wrist was broken and there are only few doctors who could cure it. After the operation and physiotherapy, I am almost back to full flow.

Sachin Gupta

I am practicising as a neurosurgeon in south Delhi for last 18 years. I sustained a fracture scaphoid right wrist.
I got scared as far as my knowledge of scaphoid fracture was that it is notorious for nonunion (not uniting) and avascular necrosis (bone becoming dead). These thought are like nightmare for neurosurgeon. It was then a came to know about Dr Vikas Gupta who was fixing these fractures percutaneously (without opening fracture) with screws. When I approached him he was confident that he would be able to fix my scaphoid with this minimally invasive technique and scheduled the surgery next day. Later I came to know that he was first person to fix scaphoid percutaneously in India. . I was able to start operating within 3 weeks of surgery. Presently I don’t have any complaints in my right wrist. I wish Dr Vikas Gupta all the best for all his future endeavors.

Dr V K Rajoria

M.S., Mch (AIIMS)

Dr. Vikas Gupta has sucessfully performed over 3000 complex hand and upper extremity surgeries.